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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are not available for Cheetah.

I do not have the needed hardware or software to develop mobile apps. I am leaving mobile app development up to 3'rd party developers.

I will be concentrating on making cheetah display well within the default mobile web browsers. The current version has a responsive template. I will later be adding special mobile page builders to allow site administrators to control how the page looks on mobile devices.

I will be relying on newer technologies such as Progressive Web Apps. Using this it will be possible to install a icon on most phones in the app drawer. That icon when tapped will open the site in a way that looks like a normal mobile app.

The Cheetah website already has A2HS support. So going to this website on a mobile phone in a supported browser such as Firefox, Chrome or Samsung Browser will show a icon to the right of the URL that will allow you to add a button to your phones home screen. But most people don't launch apps from the home screen, so further work needs to be done to allow the icon to be installed to the app drawer like all other apps do.

When i get done with Cheetah, a mobile app will not be required.