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Membership actions can be for a regular member's allowed and not allowed actions or one can set up a moderator membership level that will allow a member to perform moderation on site content. To help with understanding which actions are for regular members and which actions are for moderation of the site, the following is a short list of a few of the modules. These will carry over in additional modules as they are added to the site.


  • block by IP [moderator: all]: Block a user and their IP address
  • comments edit own [user]: Edit a comment (user’s own)
  • comments post [user]: Post a comment
  • comments remove own [user]: Remove a comment (user’s own)
  • comments vote [user]: Vote on a comment


  • adds add [user]: Create an ad
  • ads approving [moderator: all]: Approve an ad and make it visible
  • ads browse [user]: Browse available ads
  • ads delete any ad [moderator: all]: Delete an ad
  • ads edit any ad [moderator: all]: Edit an ad
  • ads search [user]: Search available ads
  • ads view [user]: View an ad


  • articles delete [moderator: all]: Delete an article


  • blog delete and edit comments [moderator: all]: Delete or edit a comment
  • blog post add [user]: Create a blog post
  • blog post search [user]: Search available blog posts
  • blog post view [user]: View a blog post
  • blog posts approving [moderator: all]: Approve a blog post and make it visible
  • blog posts delete any post [moderator: all]: Delete a blog post
  • blog posts edit any post [moderator: all]: Edit a blog post
  • blog view [user]: View a user’s blog
  • blogs browse [user]: Browse available blogs
  • blogs posts browse [user]: Browse available posts in a blog