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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Installation FAQ

Administration FAQ

Development FAQ

Market FAQ

General FAQ

Pre-sale, billing, license registration and other general questions about Cheetah and Boonex. We recommend everyone to read General FAQ even if you don't have any particular questions. Some aspects of license registration and software rights ownership may be particularly important.

Can I buy Mobile Apps license separately?[General_FAQ#CanIbuyMobileAppslicenseseparately ]

We recommend getting Mobile Apps license with Prime. If you already have a Standard License and only need a Mobile License, use the following form to buy a Mobile License for $399. We will manually verify and process your order.

Are version updates included?[General_FAQ#Areversionupdatesincluded ]

Yes, paid licenses include free lifetime version updates.

Is license fee only paid once?[General_FAQ#Islicensefeeonlypaidonce ]

Yes, Cheetah paid licenses are permanent.

What are the limitations of the Free License?[General_FAQ#WhatarethelimitationsoftheFreeLicense ]

You must display Boonex links on all pages of your site the way they are built-in to the Cheetah, without modifications.

May I resell Cheetah license?[General_FAQ#MayIresellCheetahlicense ]

No, licenses are not transferable. If you sell your site with Cheetah the buyer would have to obtain their own license.

May I use a license with a different domain name later?[General_FAQ#MayIusealicensewithadifferentdomainnamelater ]

Yes, you can re-register with another domain name. Only one domain name at a time may be using the license.

How many sites I am allowed to launch with one license?[General_FAQ#HowmanysitesIamallowedtolaunchwithonelicense ]

Only one site/domain/instance per license.

What are the limitations of the paid License?[General_FAQ#WhatarethelimitationsofthepaidLicense ]

You must display Boonex copyrights in source code (not visible to site users) and you may only use one license for one site.

Can you make a custom modification for me?[General_FAQ#Canyoumakeacustommodificationforme ]

We do not provide custom modification services. Look for available extensions in Boonex Market or submit a job offer at Boonex Jobs.

Do you provide hosting services?[General_FAQ#Doyouprovidehostingservices ]

We do not provide hosting services. Look for Recommended Hosting Providers.

Would you consider launching a community in partnership with me?[General_FAQ#Wouldyouconsiderlaunchingacommunityinpartnershipwithme ]

We stick to software development and only consider partnerships within this scope.

Can Cheetah do ---this and that---?[General_FAQ#CanCheetahdo---thisandthat--- ]

Cheetah can do a lot, and a lot can be modified. Check out the demo site, test drive it with the free license, browse Market and read Forums to see for yourself.

Can Cheetah work with 1 billion members?[General_FAQ#CanCheetahworkwith1billionmembers ]

Yes, provide it is properly configured and the server setup is optimised for the load.

Do I need many licenses for Cheetah to work with 18 gazillion members?[General_FAQ#DoIneedmanylicensesforCheetahtoworkwith18gazillionmembers ]

No, one license is enough for any number of members, web-servers or database-servers supporting the website. As long as it is still one website (one domain) one license is all you need.

Installation FAQ

Cheetah installation generally takes only 20-30 minutes to complete. It's easy for anyone familiar with web-scripts installation and general web-servers administration. Even without any prior experience you may be able to install Cheetah using our Installation Guide, but questions may, naturally, arise, so have a look at this FAQ to clear things up.

Can I order installation service from Boonex?[General_FAQ#CanIorderinstallationservicefromBoonex ]

Installation service is included with every purchase of Prime package. You may order installation service separately for $99 (you need to be logged-in to your Boonex Account to see the order link. Once payment is submitted, we will create a pre-paid installation ticket in your Boonex Account and you would be able to order the service, send us your service access details and track progress via secure private support system at

Can I order server audit service from Boonex?[General_FAQ#CanIorderserverauditservicefromBoonex ]

Yes, we can review your server setup, recommend improvements and even help with creating an optimal configuration. You may order server audit service for $199 (you need to be logged-in to your Boonex Account to see the order link. Once payment is submitted, we will create a pre-paid server audit ticket in your Boonex Account and you would be able to order the service, send us your service access details and track progress via secure private support system at

Do I have to be a developer to perform Cheetah installation?[General_FAQ#DoIhavetobeadevelopertoperformCheetahinstallation ]

No. Anyone can do it, but some parts may seem uncomfortably technical for an inexperienced user. There is no punishment for trying, though! We recommend reading the Installation Guide first, and if it seems to be clearly understandable - proceed to actual installation. Once you've done it, you would wonder why you were afraid.

Are there are any automated installation tools?[General_FAQ#Arethereareanyautomatedinstallationtools ]

Yes, our Certified Hosting Providers have 1-click installation tool just inside hosting control panel, no special knowledge is needed to use it. Also there is a 3rd-party installation tool which can turn your home Windows PC into a ready-to-use Cheetah server at .

Administration FAQ

Site settings, content moderation, members administration, using admin tools and other aspects of site management. Administration of a Cheetah-based site is, arguably, the most time-consuming part of the experience and getting it right is very important. Maintaining a proper site setup, high-quality content and healthy members community can make or brake your social network.

How do I edit the web pages About Us, Contact Us, Privacy, Terms, FAQ?[General_FAQ#HowdoIeditthewebpagesAboutUsContactUsPrivacyTermsFAQ ]

The titles and the contents of these pages can be edited in the language file:

Admin Panel -> Settings -> Language Settings -> Search for strings -> Look for here you should search for the corresponding language key and change its value:

  • About Us:

_ABOUT_US_H: About Us Page Title
_ABOUT_US_H1: About Us Box Title
_ABOUT_US: About Us Box Contents

  • Contact Us:

_CONTACT_H: Contact Us Page Title
_CONTACT_H1: Contact Us Box Title

  • Privacy:

_PRIVACY_H: Privacy Page Title
_PRIVACY_H1: Privacy Box Title
_PRIVACY: Privacy Box Contents

  • Terms:

_TERMS_OF_USE_H: Terms Page Title
_TERMS_OF_USE_H1: Terms Box Title
_TERMS_OF_USE: Terms Box Contents

  • FAQ:

_FAQ_H: FAQ Page Title
_FAQ_H1: FAQ Box Title
_FAQ_INFO: FAQ Box COntents

How do I edit the Copyright © 2011 Your Company wording at the bottom?[General_FAQ#HowdoIedittheCopyrightcopy2011YourCompanywordingatthebottom ]

This wording can be edited in the language file:

go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Language Settings;

in the Filter edit box type the key name _copyright -> click the Apply checkbox;

in the appeared results click the Edit link next to the _copyright key;

in the appeared window find the field String text for English language and edit this string leaving the {0} variable intact because it will automatically show the current year;

if you have other languages installed, edit those fields too -> click the Save button.

How to translate Join / Login buttons in Splash area of index page?[General_FAQ#HowtotranslateJoinLoginbuttonsinSplashareaofindexpage ]

This buttons were left with plain text instead of using Cheetah language keys to keep possibility to work with this area in TinyMce? editor. But if necessary they can be translated too. Just execute the following actions:

go to Admin Panel -> Settings -> Basic Settings;

find SPLASH area;

uncheck option Enable HTML Editor;

in editor area change Join and Login words to <bx_text:_Join /> and <bx_text:_Login /> (or to antother language keys which are necessary to use);

press Save button.

Note that after this changes TinyMce? editor will not work in this area until removal of language keys tags.

How can I manage my banners?[General_FAQ#HowcanImanagemybanners ]

Log into your Admin Panel and navigate to Tools -> Banners

On the top of the Banners Panel there is a list of your banners. Each banner in the list has the following controling buttons: Preview, Modify, and Delete.

Preview lets you see the banner as it will look on your site. Modify option lets you change the banner settings. They are stated further. Delete this deletes a banner.

Besides this, every line displays banner statistics, such as number of impressions (views) and number of clicks.

A new banner can be added by using a form at the bottom of the Banners panel. The settings are the same as when you're modifying a banner. Here they are:

1) Banner title - this can be any name you want to assign to your banner. This name won't be shown to members.

2) Banner URL - here you need to specify the link where your banner points to, for example

3) Banner Active - this checkbox should be checked if you wish to display your banner and unchecked if you want to hide the banner.

4) Banner Text (HTML Only) - this must be the code generating your banner, should it be a picture, a text or an object. For example, the following code will show a BoonEx banner on your site:

<img src="" />

You can also upload banner images in the media/images/banners folder on your site using an FTP client and specify their code this way:

<img src="http://my_site/media/images/banners/my_banner_name" />

5) Start Date and End Date are the starting and ending periods of your banner's impression. You can use the Choose and Clear buttons to insert a date and delete it respectively.

6) Position on the page has four checkboxes Top, Left, Bottom and Right to display the banner in the respective areas of your site.

7) HShift and VShift let you specify for what number of pixels you want to shift your Left or Right banners Horizontally or Vertically respectively.

8) Submit button allows you to submit your changes and the Insert as new checkbox lets you submit the modified banner as a new one.

I need to transfer my site to another folder on my server. What do I need to do?[General_FAQ#Ineedtotransfermysitetoanotherfolderonmyserver.WhatdoIneedtodo ]

1) First of all, you need to move the whole structure of the Cheetah installation directory to the folder you like. You can use the "move" command in your FTP client or run this command


in your SSH account, where DOLPHIN_FOLDER is the folder where Cheetah is installed and DESTINATION_FOLDER is the folder where it needs to be placed.

2) Then you need to edit the paths in the file inc/ change the values of the following variables according to your current settings: $site['url'] and $dir['root']

3) Then change the path to cheetah directory in your crons. You can do that in your host's control panel account (for example, CPanel or Plesk) or in your SSH client by running this command:

crontab -e

4) And the last step is to clean /cache/ and /cache_public/ folders.

How can I change the time zone in Cheetah?[General_FAQ#HowcanIchangethetimezoneinCheetah ]

You may know that all actions in Cheetah have their date/time specifications, such as Spy events, Blog and Forum posts, Chat messages, etc. All these events are stored in a MySQL database which by default uses the server time zone for them. But your web server may be located in a different country, so it may be necessary to adjust Cheetah time according to your (admin) location.

You will also need to change the default time zone for PHP so it could correspond to MySQL time zone. So here's how you can do it:


Edit the file inc/
Input this line:

date_default_timezone_set( timezone_identifier );



There are a plenty of timezone_identifiers, but to make it simple, I will show only those that use GMT offsets.

It's strange but it's true that PHP uses these offsets in a different way: a negative offset becomes positive and on the contrary.

For example, if you live in the US/Central time zone, your GMT offset is supposed to be "-6", but you need to specify "Etc/GMT+6" as the timezone_identifier, and if you live in Europe/Berlin timezone, your GMT offset is supposed to be "+1" but you need to specify "Etc/GMT-1". Those who live in London, should specify "Etc/GMT" (please mind the quotation marks).

Those who live in time zones with fractional GMT offsets, will need to use their areas timezones in this format: "Asia/Rangoon", "Australia/Adelaide", etc.

The list of supported time zones can be found here.


You will need to change the time zone offsets in 3 files: for Cheetah itself, for Orca and for Ray.

The offset parameter should specify your time zone offset in comparison to GMT time, for example: +6:00, -7:30. And these offsets are already the ones we got used to.

Here are these files:
1) For Cheetah:
edit /inc/classes/BxDolDb.php
find the line:

mysql_query("SET sql_mode = ''", $this->link);

and put this line right after it:

mysql_query("SET @@local.time_zone='offset';", $this->link);

2) For Ray:
edit flash/modules/global/inc/ and put this line

mysql_query("SET @@local.time_zone='offset';", $this->rLink);


mysql_query("SET @@local.interactive_timeout=9000;", $this->rLink);

3) For Orca:
edit modules/boonex/forum/classes/BxDb.php and put this line

mysql_query("SET @@local.time_zone='offset';", $this->link);


mysql_query ("SET NAMES 'utf8'", $this->link);

Then you need to recompile Orca languages in Admin Dashboard -> Modules -> Forum and also clear the site cache in Admin Dashboard -> Tools -> Cache

This is it. Now the time on all pages and in all widgets should correspond to admin's local time.

How can I change admin username and/or password if I forgot it?[General_FAQ#HowcanIchangeadminusernameandorpasswordifIforgotit ]

If you forgot your admin access or somehow can't access your admin account, you can create a new admin account or change the password of the existing account if you remember its name (admin by default).

1) Log into your phpMyAdmin page (should be accessible in Cpanel or Plesk).

2) Choose the database where Cheetah is installed.

3) Click the "SQL" tab at the top.

4) Enter one of these queries:

a) For admin account creation:

INSERT INTO `Profiles` SET `NickName`='ADMIN_NICK', `Status`='Active', `Role`='3';
UPDATE `Profiles` SET `Salt` = 'SALT_SEQUENCE' WHERE ID = last_insert_id();
UPDATE `Profiles` SET `Password` = SHA1(CONCAT(MD5('ADMIN_PASSWORD'), `Salt`)) WHERE ID = last_insert_id();

Note: ADMIN_NICK should be replaced with the desired admin account name, ADMIN_PASSWORD should be replaced with the desired password, SALT_SEQUENCE should be replaced with any sequence of alphanumeric characters)

b) For admin password change:

UPDATE `Profiles` SET `Password` = SHA1(CONCAT(MD5('ADMIN_PASSWORD'), `Salt`)), `Role` = '3' WHERE `NickName`='ADMIN_NICK';
UPDATE `Profiles` SET `Role` = '3' WHERE `NickName`='ADMIN_NICK';

Note: ADMIN_NICK should be replaced with the desired admin account name, ADMIN_PASSWORD should be replaced with the desired password, SALT_SEQUENCE should be replaced with any sequence of alphanumeric characters)

5) Clear the cache in your admin account or clear the contents of the folders cache and cache_public (except for the .htaccess file) through FTP.

How can I enable SSL support in Cheetah?[General_FAQ#HowcanIenableSSLsupportinCheetah ]

Cheetah already supports SSL "out of the box". Of course, you need to generate an SSL certificate and get it signed preliminary. If you need more info on this, look here.

So, how can you enable SSL in Cheetah? All you need to do is just edit one file, namely inc/ This file contains configuration for your Cheetah installation.

1) Find the line starting with something like:

$site['url']               = "";

and replace http with https:

$site['url']               = "";

2) Find the line which looks exactly this way:

header( "Location:http://{$aUrl['host']}{$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']}" );

and replace it with

header( "Location:https://{$aUrl['host']}{$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']}" );

3) Now just clear the cache in Admin Dashboard -> Tools -> Cache

Well, this should do the job :-)

Development FAQ

BoonEx software is open-source and development is openly trackable. Cheetah platform and mobile apps support extensions, such as modules, templates and language packs. It is very important to observe Boonex development guidelines when making extensions or modifying Cheetah.

What are languages, environments and SDKs the mobile apps coded on?[General_FAQ#WhatarelanguagesenvironmentsandSDKsthemobileappscodedon ]

Both Android and iOS apps are coded using native development tools. iOS app is coded using Objective C language and XCode environment. Android app is coded using Java language and Eclipse editor with ADT(Android Development Tools) plugin. Starting from Cheetah Mobile v1.7 Facebook SDK was added to both apps for Facebook login feature.

Can I have direct access to Cheetah repository?[General_FAQ#CanIhavedirectaccesstoCheetahrepository ]

There is public read-only access to Cheetah SVN repository:
Cheetah 8: svn://
Cheetah 7.1: svn://

username: guest
password: guest

Cheetah Market FAQ

Cheetah Market is a trading place, where webmasters, developers, designers and service providers trade extensions for Cheetah. All members are independent parties, so there are rules and regulations that govern Cheetah Market operation. This FAQ explains main aspects of Cheetah Market rules and mechanics.

What I can and can not do at Cheetah Market?[General_FAQ#WhatIcanandcannotdoatBoonexMarket ]

If you choose to use the Cheetah Market terms and conditions described in Terms must be observed and adhered to. In short, you can browse, purchase and download Cheetah-related products and services; advertize your Cheetah-related products and services; leave reviews on your purchases and communicate with Buyers and Vendors though Cheetah messaging system. Any advertizing not directly related to Cheetah products and not fitting Market categories is not allowed and is considered as SPAM. Market listings, reviews and orders must be genuine, non-abusing and done in good faith.

How will my personal information be used?[General_FAQ#Howwillmypersonalinformationbeused ]

We collect some personal information from you, including you e-mail address. We use it to provide better service. When using Cheetah Market you are dealing directly with Vendors or Buyers. We do not collect, store or access your payment details, order information or any other personal information that you may exchange during transaction. More details about this in our Privacy Policy.

How to find good-quality Products and reputable Vendors?[General_FAQ#Howtofindgood-qualityProductsandreputableVendors ]

Spending one hour researching which Vendors are to be trusted and which products are worthwhile can save you lots of time and money. Look for products that have only positive reviews, and if negative reviews are posted - make sure to read them and make your own judgement. Pay special attention to expensive products and start your tracings from small purchases. Get to know the Vendor first. Be particularly cautious when paying up-front for any services. Developers often underestimate required effort and may have problems delivering on what they are paid for. Make sure to examine product checklists, licensing terms and terms of delivery. When buying from recently-joined Vendor, be especially careful and "start small". Good, regularly updated products typically have recent positive reviews, working demo-version and detailed description. When in doubt, search Forums or websites outside of Cheetah to get more background on Vendor. You can also create a Forum Topic asking for feedback about particular Product or Vendor.

What is the difference between Starter, Advanced and Premium memberships?[General_FAQ#WhatisthedifferencebetweenStarterAdvancedandPremiummemberships ]

Starter members can't post in Blogs, Market or Forums. Starters can only access their accounts to register licenses and communicate privately with other members. Advanced Membership gives the right to post in Blogs, Jobs and Forums. Upgrade to Advanced is free for anyone who purchased any license from Cheetah, otherwise it's a $5 one-time fee. Advanced Membership fee is nominal and is collected a SPAM-prevention measure. Premium Membership gives the right to add products to Market and access "Premium-Only" Blog posts. Premium Membership can be purchased for $149. The Prime License includes pre-paid Premium membership. More details about memberships.

How to upgrade to Advanced or Premium membership?[General_FAQ#HowtoupgradetoAdvancedorPremiummembership ]

To upgrade your membership go to this page. Note, that you can get a free Advanced Membership if you purchase a Standard Cheetah License, or free Premium Membership when your order Prime.

Who are Moderators and what they do?[General_FAQ#WhoareModeratorsandwhattheydo ]

Moderators are volunteers that help to keep Cheetah community free of SPAM, profanity and nonsense. Moderators don't receive any compensation from Cheetah and are not affiliated with the company. Generally, we appoint long-standing, reputable members as Moderators, often inviting the community to participate in the decision. Moderators monitor all posted content and assess it to be compliant with Boonex Terms and general Netiquette. Moderators hide violating posts, suspend offending member profiles for different periods of time and use other Moderator Tools made available to them by Cheetah.

How to submit a Copyright Infringement complaint?[General_FAQ#HowtosubmitaCopyrightInfringementcomplaint ]

IMPORTANT: If you knowingly misrepresent that material or activity is infringing, you may be subject to liability for damages. Accordingly, if you are not sure whether material available online infringes your copyright, we suggest that you first contact a lawyer. Please also note that your message to us may be forwarded to the party who filed the original copyright complaint and to the violating party. Cheetah operates as a "safe harbour" under DMCA. So, we require a Takedown Notice to remove infringing content. In your letter you should identify yourself, include your contact details, detailed description of how content posted at Cheetah website infringes on your copyrights and your signature. Once we receive your takedown notice, we will remove violating content. Original content posters may send us a Counter Notice including same details as required in Takedown Notice. Content may be re-instated after a period of 14 days since Notices have been exchanged, unless the matter is brought to court and Cheetah is notified of official takedown requirements.

How to claim a refund or demand delivery?[General_FAQ#Howtoclaimarefundordemanddelivery ]

All transactions among Cheetah Market participants happen directly between them. Cheetah can not enforce refunds or demand delivery. When you are certain that refund is required or product/service delivery must be demanded, please work directly with the seller, payment processor (PayPal, 2Checkout, etc.) and your bank. Some Vendors may be slow to respond, but generally respond quicker when refund request is lodged with payment provider. When communicating with vendors we recommend trying both internal Cheetah messaging system and direct contacting via email, Skype or telephone.

What are license conditions of the product I purchased?[General_FAQ#WhatarelicenseconditionsoftheproductIpurchased ]

We do not enforce any specific license conditions, so it is entirely up to vendors to impose license conditions. Every Market listing has a "License" field, which Vendors may use to specify their License terms. If in doubt, please contact Vendor to find out License terms in detail. Licenses define whether the product may be used on multiple domains, modified, re-sold, re-branded, etc.

Why is my profile suspended?[General_FAQ#Whyismyprofilesuspended ]

Your Cheetah profile may be suspended due to violation of Boonex Terms. Depending on severity of violation or the fact of related violation profile may be suspended for different periods of time or indefinitely. Suspended profiles still have access to Cheetah licenses and purchased Market products.

Why is my product hidden?[General_FAQ#Whyismyproducthidden ]

Your product may be hidden due to violation of Boonex Terms or ongoing copyright infringement dispute. If your product has been hidden, make sure the post is edited to be pertinent to Boonex Terms and try to re-submit it. If you have received a Copyright Infringement Notice, assess it and respond with either an apology and removal or submit a counter-claim.

Why to do if I have been unfairly mistreated by moderator?[General_FAQ#WhytodoifIhavebeenunfairlymistreatedbymoderator ]

Moderators generally to great work administering Cheetah Market content. If, however, you believe that your content or activity has inadequately perceived and acted upon by Moderator, please contact Cheetah Team with an evaluation request.

What to do if somebody is selling or using my product without permission?[General_FAQ#Whattodoifsomebodyissellingorusingmyproductwithoutpermission ]

First, try to establish direct contact with violating party and request them to cease the activity. If that fails, send us a Copyright Infringement Notice to uno@… (addressed to Andrew Boon). Cheetah Team and Cheetah Moderators do not mediate disputes between members and bringing the matter up to the public Forums may constitute a breach of Boonex Terms.

Can I re-download purchased products?[General_FAQ#CanIre-downloadpurchasedproducts ]

Cheetah Market provides functionality that allows Vendors to provide re-download facility to Buyers. Some Vendors, however, prefer to offer download from their own sites, or via email. Thus, we may not guarantee re-download availability, although it is available in most cases.

What happens to my purchases if Vendor account is no longer active?[General_FAQ#WhathappenstomypurchasesifVendoraccountisnolongeractive ]

In most cases Vendor accounts de-activate temporarily, however permanent de-activation may happen, too. When Vendor is suspended or removed from Cheetah Market your purchases may become unavailable for re-download. Hence, we always recommend to download and backup your purchases immediately after transaction.

Where can I get technical support for the products I purchased?[General_FAQ#WherecanIgettechnicalsupportfortheproductsIpurchased ]

Most Vendors provide free technical support of their products via Cheetah Forums. Some Vendors, however, elect to use their own websites, emails or messaging systems to provide support. Some provide paid support only. We recommend you to research and find out more about Vendor's support policies prior to ordering a product from them.

Do products include installation, documentation, translation, etc.?[General_FAQ#Doproductsincludeinstallationdocumentationtranslationetc. ]

Some do, some don't, some will. Product content is entirely up to Vendor, however a lot of information can be learned in advance from product description and "Technical Checklist".

Where can I find the product I just purchased?[General_FAQ#WherecanIfindtheproductIjustpurchased ]

Depending on how the Product was added you may be able to find it by logging-in to your Cheetah Account and checking the product page - it should now have a "Download" button. When product is a service or is not directly downloadable, please contact Vendor to arrange delivery.

What to do if I am happy or unhappy with a product?[General_FAQ#WhattodoifIamhappyorunhappywithaproduct ]

Once you form an opinion about a product, please submit a Review on the product page. Your positive feedback would help other members to make an educated choice, while your negative feedback would warn members from making a potentially discouraging decision.