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Cheetah Licenses

Cheetah software is a proprietary product by Dean J. Bassett Jr. I offer it under the terms of two different licenses - Free and Subscription.

Free License

Cheetah can be used free of charge for unlimited period of time under the terms of CC-BY public license. According to this license it is require that Cheetah-based websites display visible attribution links/banners referencing Cheetah. These powered by links must be displayed in the way they are built-in to the Cheetah code, without modification or obfuscation of any kind.

Attribution links are the only limitation of the Free License. There is no limit on version upgrades, period of usage time, members count or installations.

Cheetah may be re-distributed in it's original un-modified form. Modified versions of Cheetah may not be distributed.

You can purchase a monthly or yearly license subscription. License subscriptions allows removal of visible Cheetah links and banners. With a licensed site you can present your site to your visitors as if you have developed it yourself. References to Cheetah that are in the source code must still remain - they are invisible to your site visitors.

The license subscription allows you to run a Cheetah powered website without any of the powered by links for as long as the subscription remains valid. Version upgrades are free. The same license subscription can be used with any version of Cheetah.